Irina V. Ivanova. Art Show: Fashion Accent.Artist's statement

Art was and always will be inspired by the Fashion. The subjects of art - be they costume, gesture or just a facial expression, - are always indelibly marked by the contemporary fashion. In the meantime, the Fashion is often considered to be a derogatory term by many artists and art theoreticians. I do not agree! For me, the Fashion is a great inspiration for my visual art. In my opinion, the fine art is still waiting for the creative reflection of the fashion without vulgar and unnecessary gimmicks.

The challenge is that the fashion is multidimensional and multifaceted, and no single dimension alone is sufficient to explain the Fashion. Fashion is funny, Fashion is sharp, Fashion is grotesque and elegant. What kind of visual art could reflect all these qualities of Fashion? In my view, any art media and genre has a potential for a the Fashion Accent. And with this show, I will try to prove it!

Painting fashion is fun and rewarding. For me it is all about the process of sharpening my style. As I see it, in terms of inspiration for my paintings, Fashion is all about color and line. It is not about depicting an outfit, but about visualizing a style.

My Silhouettes are almost abstract. My Fashionistas are almost illustrative. These are different aspects of feeling style and fashion inspiration. My favorite paintings in the show are the small collection of imaginary portraits, the Fashion Visage. Stylish faces are the icons of the time. They are destined to be reflected by art.

Fashion Illustration is tightly bound by the rules of the fashion industry and belongs to the field of design, not a visual art per se. My objective was to create fine art of illustration, inspired by fashion, not enslaved by it. I am showing an Illustration with what I call "the Fashion Accent", but with no obvious fashion industry connotations. This kind of illustration is what I am showing on this exhibition. I am going to show a variety of illustration subjects: some of them are funny, others are more nostalgic. The subjects encompass free interpretations of historical motifs, fashion silhouettes, grotesque images of fashion street, and, of course, images of south beach divas.

My favorites illustrations are the Fashion Kids and the Cooking Models. I am going to show a variety of illustration techniques as well, such as watercolor, pencil, ink drawing, elements of collage, mixed media and a lot of digital rendering.

Irina V. Ivanova