Irina V. Ivanova

Irina V. Ivanova was born in Ukraine (former Soviet Union). From the time of middle school Irina learned art. She graduated with honors from the art school, after 8 years of in-depth studies of Painting and Drawing. By the time Irina started her college education, she already had 10 years of art education and numerous diplomas from art schools and professional art courses. Always gravitating towards fashion, after completion of her fine art education she studied fashion design. She earned her bachelor's and master's degrees in the field of textile/fashion design from Vitebsk State Technological University (Vitebsk, Belarus). This combination of Visual Art and Fashion Design shaped her area of art interests and laid the foundation of her personal art style.

After graduation she was based in Armenia, captivated by unique historical, cultural and art traditions of the region. She had numerous art shows with her watercolor and oil on canvas works, silk paintings and ink drawing artwork. Fusion of Eastern and Western traditions created a distinguishing flavor of her style.

As a fashion designer and educator she participated in numerous European Community projects in Armenia. From 1999 till 2001 she was based in North Miami Beach, where she taught for two years in Design and Architecture Magnet School (DASH) as a part of dual-enrollment program with Miami-Dade College. Starting from 2001, she teaches at the Fashion Design Department of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

Irina V. Ivanova is working as a visual artist in her home-based studio in Hallandale. She presents her artwork on her website as a visual artist and illustrator, exclusively represented by ArtVisions™ fine art licensing. She is a co-owner and co-founder of consulting and design company Art Design Project, Inc. and she is a co-editor of website.

Irina's main creative and professional areas of interest are Figurative Art and Fashion Illustration. However, her interest in these fields goes beyond creating stylish fashion-themed figurative art. Irina is sharing her figure drawing and figurative art methods with all those who are interested in improving their figure drawing and fashion illustration skills via her publications. After years (if not decades) of profound research of figure proportions she created and published her own, original figure drawing templates which are successfully used as a drawing tool, learning aid and reference material for many fashion professionals around the globe. Fashion templates by Ivanova are popular fashion croquis and fashion illustration standard accepted by many fashion professionals.