Fashion art and fashion illustration by Irina V. Ivanova


Irina Ivanova is a fashion illustrator and a visual artist. On the website fashion-accent.com Irina presents her fashion-themed figurative art and fashion illustration. As a professionally-trained fashion designer, Irina's inspiration with fashion, style and costume grew from her fashion design and fashion illustration background.

As a visual artist, Irina is represented by Art Visions Fine Art Licensing Agency and has presented her fashion-inspired art at two solo art shows and at numerous other art shows. She creates her artwork in a broad range of media, including watercolor, pencil drawing and acrylic on canvas.

Unlike conventional fashion illustration, Irina's art is not limited by one look or style only. As a professional fashion designer Irina understands and appreciates versatility of fashion. Her fashion children characters are whimsical and charming, her historical fashion inspirations are elegant and stylish. She creates figurative art with fashion accent or she brings art into fashion illustration, - but in the end she is always fusing what we know as fashion with art and illustration.

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Fashion art by Irina V. Ivanova: the Online Art Show. Fashion illustration as a visual art genre in artwork by fashion illustrator and visual artist Irina V. Ivanova. Watercolors, drawings and paintings by Irina V. Ivanova presented in this online art show are inspired by fashion, fashion illustration, historical costume, haute couture style and history of fashion design.

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